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Vedic Astrology Planetary Placement & Conjunction-Review 2016

Major Transits of Planets in 2016 as per Vedic Astrology

1.     Jupiter (Guru) will Remain in Simha (Leo sign) rashi from beginning of the year 2016 till 11th August 2016.  Jupiter will Transit to Kanya (Virgo sign) Rashi on 11th August 2016 till will remain in Kanya (Virgo sign) Rashi till 11th Sept 2017.
Jupiter gets retrograded on 8th Jan 2016 & becomes Progressive on 9th May 2016.

2.    Saturn will stay in vrischika rashi for entire year of 2016, but gets Retrograded on 25th March 2016 till Aug 13th 2016.

3.    Rahu  transit to Simha(Leo sign ) rashi on 29th Jan 2016 & Stay in Simha(Leo sign ) rashi for entire year & Ketu transit to Kumbha(Aquarius) Rashi  on 29th Jan 2016 & Stay in Kumbha rashi for entire year.

4.  Mars will Transit to Vrischika rashi from Tula (Libra) on Feb 20th 2016. Mars will retrograde on 17th April 2016 till 29th June 2016 for 74 days.

5. Rahu will be in conjunction with Jupiter in Simha(Leo sign) Rashi from 29th Jan 2016 till 11th Aug 2016.

6. Saturn and mars will conjunct with each other in Vrischika (Scorpio) Rashi on 20th February 2016 till 17th June 2016 and again conjunct from July 12th 2016 till 18th Sept 2016.  Mars will be in retrograde motion from April 17th 2016 and mars become progressive on 29th June 2016.

Results of Planet Placements & Conjunction:-

1. Jupiter and Rahu Conjunction in Simha (Leo sign) Rashi from 29th Jan 2016 till 11th Aug 2016.
Rahu represent mind & consciousness.  The conjunction occur at last degree in simha(Leo), I.e. 29th degree indicating ending.
Rahu represent fear  among masses(people) and Leo(Simha) rashi represent Leadership, Leaders, Head of state, Head of country, bosses etc. Hence during this period some leaders will  loose their position/power/office etc.
Both Jupiter and Rahu will be in retrograde motion will have powerful effect till may 2016.
Jupiter is planet of wisdom, prosperity, faith, law etc. Rahu is planet of obsession, desire, urgency & separation. Hence there will be fear among public, Illusion will prevail, confusion, false promises, dissatisfaction, misunderstandings etc.
People in power take a different approach (out of box thinking) and some time loose their chair/Job due to irrational decision.

2. Conjunction of Mars & Saturn  in Vrischika(Scorpio) Rashi on 20th February 2016  till 17th June 2016 and again conjunct from July 12th 2016 till 18th Sept 2016.   Mars will retrograde on 17th April 2016 till 29th June 2016 for 74 days. Saturn gets Retrograded on 25th March 2016 till Aug 13th 2016.

Planets will be very powerful when they retrograde, hence from 17th April till 29th June 2016, both mars & Saturn will be in retrograde motion. Hence lot of Incidents/activities will happen during this period.

Mars being fiery planet represent fire and Saturn represents Air and its conjunction Indicate the following.

1.       Major Accidents / War like situation will occur.

2.       Mass Killings.

3.       Terrorist Attack.

4.       Fire accidents.

5.       Plane crash

6.       Volcano or Earth quake etc.

Also Mars represent South Direction and Saturn Indicate West; hence South- west direction will be severely affected. 

Let us examine Mars & Saturn Conjunction influences on various Rashi’s

Mesha(Aries) Rashi :-
People born in Mesha Rashi should be careful regarding health & finance. You may suffer from health problems. Finance should be handled with most care, avoid unwanted expenses.

You need to put extra effort in your job otherwise you will face problems latter. Avoid taking loans or giving loans. You will have low phase in job or career.

Failures in undertakings, loss of money, loss of health, chances of accidents, wounds, fever. Mental distress, tiredness, disputes with spouse, unethical deeds, trouble in eyes, blood or lung problems, losses through speculation etc.

Vrishabha (Taurus)Rashi :-
People born in Vrishabha (Taurus) rashi will find difficult in matters of health and relationships, Health problems to you or your family members is indicated.

Difference of opinion with spouse (wife/husband), unnecessary expenditure on Food & clothing.

Watch your words, think before you speak.  Loss of money, illness of spouse, tension in the family, unnecessary fights with the spouse, loss of fame and prestige, failure in undertakings, mental agony, chances of vehicle accidents, chances of extra marital affairs, litigations etc.

Mithuna (Gemini) Rashi :-
People born in  Mithuna (Gemini) rashi will be free from danger from enemies and quarrels. There will be gain of wealth, will acquire gold etc.

You will get promotion, Increments, appraisals etc for people in job.

Business people will do good in their undertakings. There will be increase of income, money, wealth etc. you will defeat your enemies or your enemies will surrender to you.

If you are having any pending court cases or any allegations will be solved in your favour. You will have good health, overall very good time. 

Enemies become weak, gain of fame, prestige, wealth and happiness, general prosperity, health improves, possibility of marriage or birth of children, rise in status, improvement in position in litigations, chances of getting what you always desired.

Karka/Kataka(Cancer) Rashi :-
People born in Karka ( Cancer)Rashi will face enmity from friends and relatives. You will be unhappy regarding children or Progeny.
Your family life will be full of quarrels and misunderstandings. Increase of expenditure, will loose wealth or money. Expense will override your income, financial imbalances will prevail.
You will suffer from health problems, will loose mental peace.
Degradation of health, illness to children, physical weakness, bad health, financial difficulties, strong enemies, loss of prestige, unethical mindset, trouble through enemies, heart and abdominal diseases.

Simha(Leo) Rashi :-
People born in Simha (Leo) Rashi will suffer from health problems like Fever, Stomach ailments, bleeding etc. You will have very bad time, since your enemies will try to pull your leg. Enemies could be relatives or friends or colleagues will try to harm you.

Be careful regarding friends and close relatives, Try to control about your bad habits otherwise you will end up with problems.

Some of the natives may suffer from Anemia (RBC count will be less), while some may suffer from cough, Asthma. Keep your mind under control.

Disputes, fights, conflicts,  diseases related to stomach, respiratory infection, loss of mental peace, loss of fortune, litigation, disagreements with relatives, financial loss specially through close friends,  mother's health will be problematic.

Kanya(Virgo) Rashi :-
People born in kanya Rashi will have good time regarding financial gains, you will earn good money and fame. Your enemies will be defeated, you will earn good recognition in your Job/Career.  You will earn honor and authority in Job.

Success in undertakings, gains from land and property, financial gains, lot of confidence and courage, gains from metals, help from government, general happiness, good health, growth in profession, possibility of marriage and birth of child.

Tula (Libra) Rashi:-
People born in Tula (Libra) Rashi will suffer from loss. Take good care of your finances and focus on the safety of your valuables as you may suffer some losses due to theft during this period.

Tensions and arguments in Job/profession is indicated. Watch your words, think before you speak. During this period you will be low phase in your career/job. You will get cheated/befriend, hence be careful. You will be involved with quarrels with your family members.

Failures in undertakings because of loss of initiative, Bad temper, harsh words, jealousy, domestic disputes, bad finances, injury by sharp objects, fines by the government, fear of theft, mental agony, bad health etc.

Vrischika(Scorpio) Rashi  :-
People born in Vrischika (Scorpio) Rashi will have difficulties with respect to business or Job. Arguments, quarrels & misunderstanding with seniors, co-workers etc. Money/finance needs proper attention. Cut-down unwanted expenses. Take care of your health and your family members.

Failures in undertakings because of rash decisions, loss of money and financial resources, injury to body, domestic unhappiness, obstacles, relationship with superiors deteriorates.

Dhanus(Sagittarius)  Rashi :-
People born in Dhanus Rashi will suffer from body pain and general sufferings, Pay attention to any health related issues. You need to work hard in your job otherwise you will face humiliation. Take care of finances, cut-down any unwanted expense.
Bad health, possibility of injury by accident, danger from fire, fights with spouse, unexpected expenditure, traveling away from native place, trouble from people in power and unknown people, new initiatives do not succeed tense relationship with brothers, loss of sleep etc.

Makara(Capricon)  Rashi :-
People born in Makara Rashi will bring happy time to you and family members, you will gain good money, finance will improve, increase of social status, prestige and respect.

Financial gains. improvement in health, general happiness, success in undertakings, chances of marriage or birth of children, acquisition of property, income through property, enjoyment of luxuries, increase in fame and prestige etc.

Kumbha (Aquarius)Rashi :-
People born in Aquarius Rashi will suffer problems in job, arguments with seniors and co-workers, failure in efforts, sorrow, disappointments etc.

Failure in efforts, obstacles in finding right job, worries about the current job, degradation of health, danger of heart related diseases, bad company, tendency to do unethical or illegal deeds, victim of cheating, enmity with others.

Meena (Pisces) Rashi :-
People born in Meena Rashi will suffer from physical ailments and body pains, mentally you may feel worried and disappointed.

Some of you may also have to go to a foreign land to experience a temporary painful living. Finances would need better care and guarding, you need to work hard in job otherwise you will face humiliation & disappointments etc.

Loss of wealth, loss of prestige and fame, humiliation, financial resources get strained, unwanted change in place of work, enemies increase, lot of mental anxiety etc.

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