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Kalasarpa Yoga (KSY)- A Random Thought

Kalasarpa Yoga (KSY) is said to be formed if all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu.

The results are that countries and rulers are destroyed and people become afflicted. .
Strictly speaking KSY does not find a place in the classical astrological literature. How this yoga gained lot of popularity now-a-days.

The definition of KSY given above generally holds good. But what if all the planets are hemmed
in between Ketu and Rahu? According to some, this does not constitute KSY. But in my view
irrespective of whether the planets are between Rahu and Ketu or Ketu and Rahu the yoga technically exists. But in conferring results several variations are possible.

The general belief is that KSY is evil restraining all the other good yogas present in the horoscope and that those having the yoga will have set-backs and reverses in life. It is also feared that Kalasarpa Yoga is capable of nullifying the most powerful  Dhana yogas rendering a rich man poor.

In interpreting Kalasarpa Yoga, consideration should be given to the houses which are mainly involved, e.g., 1st and 7th, 2nd and 8th, 3rd and 9th, 4th and l0th, 5th and 11th. 6th and 12th, etc.
In each case the results could be different, depending upon a number of other horoscopic factors. Generally it  is found, other combinations warranting.

The 6th-12th axis (i.e., Kalasarpa Yoga) could indicate incarceration, or spiritual elevation, depending upon the presence or absence of powerful Bandhana Yogas.
 If the axis involves the 1st and 7th houses,  it is not good for marital happiness. The marital life may become oppressive and marred by frequent clashes and want of understanding.
If the 7th lord or Venus is strongly placed and well disposed then the evil results should  not be predicted. The marital troubles can be avoided. Knowing in advance, the implications of this yoga,  one can regulate one's thinking and behavior and develop an understanding. 

Likewise if the houses involved are the 4th and 10th, setbacks may mark one's career unless the 10th house or the 10th lord is strong and well placed.

KSY has its bright & different shades. It makes one industrious, hard-working, aware of one's own ability despite  mental restlessness. It raises the natives to top positions in their respective fields provided of course other Raja Yogas are present.

Rahu-Kethu axis favours rise in mundane life while Kethu-Rahu axis indicates elevation in spiritual matters.

 It is also found that KSY natives get betrayed by trusted friends and even relatives.
Suffering due to developments in life strengthens the mind and mellows one’ s outlook. This is a blessing of KSY.
Other important factors to be noted are :-
(1) In a KSY horoscope, the evil gets intensified if the Lagna is between Ketu and Rahu;
(2) the evil gets almost neutralised if the Lagna is between Rahu and Ketu  and
(3) the yoga can be considered as defunct even if a single planet is with Rahu or Ketu or outside the axis.

The original sloka refers to agree rahu, i. e., Rahu must be the main or prominent planet which means the Yoga can become effective if planets are in between Rahu and Kethu. Another factor to be considered is if the planet associated with Rahu or Kethu is strongly disposed in his exaltation or own house, the intensity of the KSY gets reduced. The common fear that if KalaSarpa Yoga is fully  present the effects of other  good planetary combinations get nullified is not without justification. The r e  a r e horoscopes with excellent yogas showing great advancement and prosperity but the natives continue to be mediocre. A brilliant career may suddenly end. Such cases may have KSY but it may not be the main cause for making one what he is. it may be one of the causes.

It occurs to me that undue importance need not be given to KSY. The view held by some astrologers that KSY affects longevity and adversely affects the operation of other yoga’s favoring rise in life, Achievement and accomplishment is not tenable.
The overall assessment of the horoscope is important. No single yoga, including KSY, is capable of marring or making a horoscope. In my view Kalasarpa Yoga plays an important role in mundane astrology and is not of much importance in individual charts.

Monday, 27 February 2012



According to Hindu Dharma, India’s ancient religious practice, certain ritual practices such as homas and abhishekas have the power to attract divine cosmic energy. These sacred ceremonies purify the earth’s atmosphere, uplift the community, and contribute to the health and prosperity of the person.

 A Homa is a holy fire ritual in which various forms of the Divine are invoked into the fire according to Vedic procedure. Special offerings are made into the fire while Sanskrit mantras are chanted. The combination of the powerful energy of the fire and the mantras creates purifying vibrations that are beneficial to all present and also to the entire world.

 Even the damaging effects of natural disaster can be reduced through the performance of homas. Every kind of negative karma can be purified by the sacred fire due to divine grace

Each homa  should be performed strictly according to the Hindu vedic scriptures. Homas are conducted by fully learned and experienced priest/scholars. The ingredients required for each homa is different, but the basic things will be ghee, coconut.

Each homa should be  performed after conducting sankalpa for the specific relief/benefit desired for each individual. During Sankalpa, one must tell their gothra, nakshatra, rashi & name to the vedic pundit/priest so that they can start chanting the mantra. The smoke, which comes out of the homa, is good for health as many ailments associated with breathing, gets cured.

Benefits of Homa
1.Negative effects will be minimized
2.Weak planets are strengthened
3.Disciplined mind, peace of mind
4.Quickness in action and result

An Abhisheka is a pooja involving the bathing of a sacred idol, with pure substances like milk or honey or panchamrutha accompanied by the chanting of specific mantras.

The substances that are poured over the idol also become charged with divine energy. The kumkum and vibhuthi that are used in the abhisheka are given as prasad as these substances contain the full energy of the pooja and transmit the blessings to anyone who touches them.

Homa and its Benefits
1. Sri Ganesha Homa Removes life obstacles, Will give prosperity, health and wealth.
2. Sri Mrutyunjaya Homa Provides spiritual, mental, and physical healing, gives good health.
3. Sri Gayatri Homa Increases spiritual energy and purifies all sins.
4. Sri Suktam Homa Increases prosperity and inner richness on all levels.
5. Sri Saraswati Homa Bestows knowledge, creativity and divine consciousness.
6. Nakshatra Homa Relieves adverse effects from one’s birth star.
7. Nava Graha Homa Relieves adverse effects from the nine planets.
8. Sri Rudra Homa Improves wealth, wisdom, virtue and valor.
9. Sri. Lalita Homa Grants divine grace and spiritual liberation.

Maha Lakshmi Pooja with Sri Sukta Homa – Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi is the form of the Divine Mother who provides Her children with all forms of wealth—wealth of devotion, health, material prosperity and abundance.

During the Sri Sukta Homa, the Sri Suktam, a powerful Vedic hymn, will be Chanted before the sacred homa fire, bringing spiritual blessings and all forms of prosperity.

Rudra Abhisheka – Karthika is the most auspicious month for worshipping Lord Shiva, and Mondays are the most auspicious day of the week for his worship. The four Mondays in the month of Karthika are thus dedicated to the performance of abhisheka to Lord Shiva. These abhishekas bring mental and physical health, long life, and protection from accidents and untimely death.

Maha Mrutyunjaya Homa – The full moon day in the month of Karthika is another very auspicious day for the worship of Lord Siva. When the Maha Mrutyunjaya Homa is performed on this day, many diseases and mental disturbances can be healed.

Perform Maha Mrityunjaya Homa, a very powerful remedy for health problems.

Contact Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple, Gavipuram, Bangalore. They do very good homa, They charge around Rs.1001. Perform Maha Mrityunjaya Homa on Monday or Thursday.

Different types of Homas

Homa for wealth:
i) Maha Lakshmi Homa
ii) Sri Suktha Homa

Homa for health:
i) Maha Mrithyunjaya Homa
ii) Ayushya Homa
iii) Maha Ganapathy Homa
iv) Navagraha Homa

Homa for prosperity, health & wealth
i) Maha Ganapathy Homa

 Homa for long life
i) Sri Rudra Homa
ii) Ayushya Homa
iii) Maha Mrithyunjaya Homa

Homa for delay in marriage
i) Swayamvara Parvathi Homa
ii) Uma Maheshwari Pooja

Homa for job related
i) Lakshmi Kubera Homa
ii) Maha Sudarshana Homa

Homa for educated related
i) Saraswathi Homa
ii) Nakshatra Pooja

Homa for money & business related
i) Maha Ganapathy Homa
ii) Lakshmi Kubera Homa
iii) Maha Lakshmi Homa
iv) Rudra Abhishekam

Homa to seek any auspicious results
i) Udaka shanti Pooja

Tila Homa:
Ancestors are invoked in this homa. This homa is performed to please ancestors so that their blessings are always with us to succeed in any endeavors.

Bhoo Varaha Homa
This homa is dedicated to Maha Vishnu. It is performed to remove any ill effects of not constructing a house according to the tenets of Vaastu Sastra, which prescribes various principles and techniques for constructing houses and temples. Houses, which are not built according to these principles, are believed to invite various problems like diseases, marital disharmony, problems in the family, loss in business etc.

Chandi Homa
This Homa is performed for health, wealth, prosperity, longevity, food, progeny, fame, success, strength, removal of fears, ailments, danger etc.

Contact for Chandi Homa

  1. RajaRajeshwari Temple, Raja Rajeshwarinagar, Bangalore, They do very good Chandi Homa.

 2.  Shri Nimishamba Devi Temple. Raja Rajeshwari Nagar  Bangalore. They Charge
      around Rs. 5001.

Same Nakshatra and Same Rashi Analysis

Same Nakshatra and Same Rashi Analysis

A. For Bride & Groom

If the Nakshatra of Bride and Groom is same and is one of following
a) Rohini,Aridra, Pushya, Magha, Vishakha, Shravana, Uttarabhadrapada, Revati then it is Auspicious.

b) Ashwini, Kruttika, Mrugashira, Punarvasu, Chitra, Anuradha, Purvabhadrapada then it is Medium Auspicious.

c) Rest of the Nakshtatras then it is Ashubha (Inauspicious)

d) Even if the Nakshatra of Bride and Groom are one, if the pada is different and the Pada of the Groom precedes that of the Bride then it is also considered to be Auspicious.

e) If the Bride's Nakshtara is one of - Ashwini, Kruttika, Rohini, Mrugashira, Ardra, Pushya, Magha, Hasta,Swati,Vishakha,Purvashada, Shatabishaka - it is auspicious if the Bride's Nakshatra precedes that of the Groom's.

f) If the Rashi of Bride and Groom is same but Nakshatra is different, then it is not necessary to take account of Nadi dosha and Gana Doshas. Similarly, if the Nakshatra is same but Padas are different, then also it is auspicious. There is no Dosha.

g) There is no Nadi Dosha if bride and bridegroom have same Janma Rashi but different Nakashtra.

h) There is no Nadi Dosha if bride and bridegroom have same Nakshtra, but different Janma Rashi

i) There is no Nadi Dosha if bride and bridegroom have same nakshatra but having different Charan or Pada

j) Marriage will be inauspicious if Boy’s Nakshatra is immediately after the girl nakashtra, ( Eg : if girl’s nakshatra is Anuradha and boy’s Nakshatra is Jyestha )

 Nadi Dosha relates to health, longevity and happiness of issues.

Same Nadi will cause problems (Regarding longevity of the partner), hence Maha Mrityunjaya Japa or Homa is a very power remedy for Nadi Dosha.

Mahamrityunjaya Japa/homa should be done on Monday’s in any Shiva temple.

B. For Father & Son

If the Nakshatra of Father and son is same then it indicates the following.
1.      Paternal curse or Ancestors or your parents are not happy with certain Deeds committed by you. You are bound to suffer. Hence Respect & Take care of your Elders(Parents/Father-in-Law/Mother-in Law/Grand Parents etc)

2.      You or your family members have stopped doing Annual Pitru tarpan Pooja (Shraddha Pooja). This pooja needs to be done every year without fail.

3.       This Dosha applies  to Father & Son only. Not applicable to Daughters and mothers.

4.     Eka Nakshatra Shanti pooja  need to be done for nullifying the affect of Dosha.

5. This Dosha is applicable when Father and son have same Nakshatra,  Pada/charan can be same or Different.

6. Son will suffer when he starts living seperately from his father.

7. Son will suffer from Health Problems & Finance/Money problems.

8.  Due to this dosha, there will be delay in Marriage of the son in the family, if married then there will be delay in Birth of the child. Again this Dosha doesn't apply to Daughters.


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In Recent years due to Globalization & Vast IT development, large number of people travel abroad for Trade/Business, Education, Job, Research & Pleasure Vacation Etc.
So while predicting foreign travel in modern age, one has to keep basic knowledge of Jyothish in mind and also changing modern economic Developments.

Let us examine various combinations in Vedic Astrology Predicting foreign Travel or Abroad Visit.

1. The 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th & 12th Houses are very important while predicting foreign travel.
2. The 3rd House represents short trip abroad.
3. 9th house represents long trips & travels.
4. 4th Lord in 12th house indicates foreign residence; the person will leave his/her native place & settles abroad.
5. The Association between the Ascendant & its lord and 4th house or 4th lord makes native to travel abroad.
6. If the 4th house is influenced by Rahu or Saturn, the person will leave his/her native place & settles abroad.
7. If the 4th lord is in 9th house, where 9th house is Mesha, Karka, Tula, Makara, Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanus or meena signs indicate foreign travel.
8. 5th House is also an important house since it is the house of Education & now a days lot of people travel abroad for higher studies.
9. If the 5th house is occupied by Rahu or Saturn or sun & well Aspected by Jupiter Indicate Education in foreign soil.
10. The 7th house indicates honor in foreign Land, during MahaDasha or Antardasha of 7th lord or planets occupying 7th house also indicate foreign travel.
11. The 8th house Indicate the place of death.
12. 9th house is a very important house to be considered while predicting foreign travel.
13. When 9th house or 9th lord is placed in Mesha, Karka, tula, Makara or in dual rashis like Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanus & meena indicate abroad travel.
14. During MahaDasha/AntarDasha of planets in 9th house or 9th lord indicate foreign travel.
15. The 9th House also Indicate long journey.
16. 4th Lord Placed in 12th House Indicate the person will spent large part of his life in foreign country.

Still there are many more combinations Indicating foreign travel, I have listed few combinations because some Blog Writers/Websites copy my blog content.


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Black Magic or Kaala Jaadu or Vamachara.

Black Magic or Kaala Jaadu or Vamachara.

Due to greed, frustration, Jealousy, selfishness, heart burning etc, some people use negative energies and power to harm or hurt people by performing rituals called Black Magic or Kaala Jaadu, which can ruin one's life.

Effect of Black Magic or Kaala Jaadu or Vamachara are as follows.
1.       Business is ruined, health deteriorates.
2.       The Person keeps on suffering.
3.       The person is disturbed & depressed.
4.       Continuous illness, even after all medical treatments.
5.       Chronic health problems Constant worries.
6.       Suicidal tendencies, severe depression
7.       Repeated miscarriages
8.       Disturbed sleep with bad dreams.
9.       Unnecessary irritation
10.   Sudden unnatural deaths in the family.
11.   Problems in the construction of house, commercial buildings, factory etc.
12.   Loss in the business or property.
13.   Loss of peace due to the fear of enemies.
14.   Loss of employment.
15.   Discord between spouses or with the family members.

Black Magic or Vamachara or Kaala Jaado is done by your close relatives or your close friends, business Partners etc.

Different types of Black magic or Vamachara are Bhanamati,Vashikarana etc.
Black Magic or Vamachara or Kaala Jaadu is done by Evil people by performing rituals by mixing ash of dead person, KumKum,
Turmeric etc in your food or bury lemons with KumKum, nails, hair etc inside your compound of your house or in your plot.

Remedies of Black Magic or Vamachara or Kaala Jaadu.
1.       Perform Sudarshana Homa on Thursdays in Vishnu Temple, which is a very powerful  remedy for Black magic and against Evil Spirits.
2.       Perform Maha Pratyangira homa on Fridays.
3.       Perform Maha Mrityunjaya Japa or Homa on Mondays in Shiva Temple
4.       Recite or Listen Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Everyday.
5.       Recite Hanuman Chalisa Everyday
6.       Do Pradosha Pooja in Shiva Temple.
7.       Visit Durga Devi Temple on Tuesday & Friday & offer prayers.
8.       Visit Lord Narasimha Temple on Tuesday.
9.       Visit Lord Hanuman Temple on Saturdays.
10.   Worship your family Deity.

Temples to be visited to remove black magic or Vamachara :-
1.       Visit Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple in Kerala. Here Shri Rajarajeswari is   worshipped.
2.       Visit Sri Bande Mahakali Temple, Gavipuram, Bangalore.  ( Near Gavi Gangadharaswamy Temple, Gavipuram, Basavanagudi)
3.       Visit Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple in Sholingur, Tamil Nadu.
4.       Visit Sri Mahalinga Swamy Temple in Thiruvidaimarudur, Tamil Nadu.

There are some websites and TV ads which offer “ Raksha Kavach “, against Black Magic or Kaala Jaado or Vamachara, these people just make money and these Raksha Kavach are useless & doesn’t protect from Black Magic or Vamachara.

Sarpa dosha or Naga Dosha

Sarpa dosha or Naga Dosha

Sarpa dosha or Naga Dosha is caused due to wrath of the Serpent God in previous birth.

Due to Sarpa dosha, marriages are delayed or ruined, Progeny may be denied, miscarriages/Abortion will occur.

Sarpa/Naga Dosha is different from Kal Sarpa Yoga/Dosha, Many astrologers/writers have written about Kal Sarpa Yoga/Dosha. I will not talk about Kal Sarpa Yoga/Dosha but only about Sarpa /Naga Dosha

Today I will be give important informations about Sarpa/Naga Dosha.

Sarpa Dosha delays marriage and also delays progeny/children.

Let us examine planetary combinations in the birth chart indicating Sarpa/Naga Dosha.
1. When Ketu or Rahu is Placed in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th or 8th house Indicate Sarpa/Naga Dosha

2. Women suffering from Sarpa/Naga Dosha will have children after conducting Pooja of Naga Devatha.

3. When Ketu or Rahu is placed in 1st or 2nd House, Indicate delay in marriage, If the person is married, creates problems in family life and some times leads to divorce or separation.

4. Ketu or Rahu in 5th house leads to delay in getting children/Progeny and also leads to abortions. Also Rahu aspect on 5th house also indicate Sarpa/Naga Dosha. Naga Prathistapana at any Naga temple should be done for getting children.

5. Ketu or Rahu in 7th house Leads to problems in family life, misunderstandings, frequent quarrels, wife/Husband will have Health problems etc.

6. Ketu or Rahu in 8th house Indicate Health problems of wife or Husband, skin disease etc.

The person suffering from Sarpa/Naga dosha will see Snakes/Serpents in their dream. That is a clear Indication of Sarpa dosha.

Remedies for Sarpa Dosha or Naga Dosha: -
1. Visit the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, Subrahmanya Near Mangalore, Karnataka and perform Naga dosha parihara Pooja, (Sarpasamskara Pooja). They perform for 2 days.  They charge around Rs.2500. But in Kukke Subrahmanya, they allow only 4 Persons.

2. or Visit Tirunageswaram , near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu and perform Sarpa dosha parihara Pooja. People with naga dosha do parihara in this Navagraha sthal by donating a stone naga idol. They Charge around Rs.1000

3. or Visit Kalahasti in Andhra Pradesh ( Sree Kalahasthiwaraswamy) and do Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja, You need to do Pooja only during Rahu Kal . (Rahu Kal is very auspicious) They Charge around Rs.1000

4. or Visit Sree Nagaraja kshethra, in Mannarasala, Alapuza District, Kerala.and do sarpa shanti Pooja

1. Perform the Naga/Sarpa dosha pooja in auspicious dates only Other wise Pooja will not be Effective/fruitful, Avoid doing pooja during Dashami, fasting days like Ekadashi, Ashtami, during grahana (solar/Lunar eclipse), Gokulashtami, Shivarathri etc.

2. Don’t perform pooja nearer to Monthly Date (Periods) for girl/woman. Otherwise dosha will not be removed. Give at least 6-8 days gap to conduct the pooja. Don’t Enter any Naga Temple, if you have monthly Date (Periods) for women/Girls.

3. Whole family including Grand parents, father, mother, children etc needs to present for Sarpa dosha Parihara Pooja. But in Kukke Subrahmanya, they allow only 4 Persons.

4. Perform Sarpa dosha Parihara Pooja during Shasti, an important day for Lord Subramanya (Lord Karthikeyan) , He is the lord of all snakes and serpents. It usually falls on 6th day after Amavasya & Purnima/ Poornima in every month. The dates of Shasti for the year 2012  are as follows  Feb 28th, March 28th, April 27th, May 27th,  June 25th, July 24th, Aug 23rd, Sept 21th , Oct 20th ,Nov 19th,  Dec 18th 2012. 

5. After Conceiving, don’t visit any Naga Temple, You can visit any of these temples after birth of the child only. As per vedic texts, the child in the womb will have negative affects.  Pregnant Women should not Visit any of Naga Temple.

6. After conducting Sarpa dosha Parihara Pooja in Kukke Subrahmanya/ Tirunageswaram/Kalahasti etc, Go  home & have bath, don’t visit any temple like Tirupathi when you visit Kalahasti or Dharmastala, when you visit Kukke Subrahmanya.

7. If you are performing Pooja in Morning hours, Don’t have any food i,e Breakfast. You can eat only after Pooja is done.

8. Don’t do Sastanga Namaskara ( Where your forehead, chest, hands, knees and legs  will be touching the ground ) in any Naga Temple.

9. Don’t Perform Naga dosha parihara Pooja( Sarpa samskara Pooja) at home, It should be done in above listed Temple only.

10. Person suffering from Naga/Sarpa dosha should not consume vegetable like Snake Guard.

Rudraksha for various Rashi's

Rudraksha for various Rashi's

Rudraksha is divine bead given by Lord Shiva.
The tears from lord Shiva eyes dropped in some places of earth, and produced Rudraksha trees.
A symbol of spirituality and mystic power, having electromagnetic power and it affects both the physical and logical body of the human being while it is on the body.

Rudraksha for various Rashi  is given below.

Mesha Rashi ————– Two Face Rudraksha.
Vrishabha Rashi ———-  Six  Face Rudraksha
Mithuna Rashi————    Four Face Rudraksha
Karka/Kataka Rashi —-    Five Face Rudraksha
Simha Rashi ————-    Seven Face Rudraksha
Kanya Rashi ————-    Three Face Rudraksha
Tula Rashi —————     Nine Face Rudraksha
Vrischika Rashi ———–  Ten Face Rudraksha
Dhanur Rashi ———–    Eleven Face Rudraksha
Makar Rashi ————     One Face Rudraksha
Kumbha Rashi———-    Fourteen Face Rudraksha
Meena Rashi ———–    Twelve Face Rudraksha

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Ketu is significator of relationships, skin diseases, sinful acts, and foreign travels.

The diseases caused by Ketu are mouth ulcer, Eye problems, Stomach ailments, Piles, High Fever, skin disease, small pox, itches, and leprosy etc.

Any person who is running Ketu Mahadasha or Ketu Antardasha or suffering from malefic influence of Ketu should do the following remedies.

Remedies for Ketu
1. Worship Lord Ganesh everyday, he is lord of Ketu Planet.
2. Visit Ganesh Temple on every Thursday and offer prayers.
3. Donate Black Mustard Seeds to Temple priest of Ganesh Temple on Thursday.
4. Recite Shiva Panchakshari Stotra, i,e "Om Namah Shivaya" Everyday for 21 or 51 or 101 times daily.
5. Perform Durga Saptashati Japa in Durga Devi Temple.
6. Recite Ketu mantra " Om shram shreem shroum sah ketuve namaha " for 21 or 51 times.
7. Perform Maha Mrityunjaya Homa or Japa in Shiva Temple on any Monday.
8. Feed Food like Rice or Bun to street dogs is also a good remedy for ketu.
9. You can Recite any Ganesh Mantra.
10. Donate blankets & Black Til (Sesame Seeds) on Thursday
11. Worship Lord Hanuman or Bhairav (Lord Shiva) everyday with Red Flowers and Dhoop.
12. Donate brown colored cow or buffalo in charity.  

Vaastu of Pooja Room

Vaastu of Pooja Room

1. The Pooja room should be in the North or East or north-east corner of the building. 
2. The statue of god should be kept in the north-east portion of the pooja room.
3. All the materials related to pooja room should be kept in the southeast of the room.
4. Never place any photographs to dead people in the pooja room; otherwise the health of the elder person of the family will Effected.
5. Broken idols and torn pictures of god should not be kept in the prayer room.
6. No bell should be hung in the pooja room If a lamp is placed in the pooja room, it should always be in front of the god
7. The place of worship should be on the ground floor and not upstairs nor in Basement. 
8. The Pooja room should not be to the south.
9. The pooja room should have two doors and should have opening or small window. 
10.The pooja room should never be in the bedroom or in kitchen. Toilet should not adjoin the pooja room, and not even above or below the prayer room.

Also Vedic Astrology(Real Estate) planetary combinations in horoscope indicating construction of house or building in following post on my blog.


Direction of Plot/Land/ House/Apartment for each Rashi.

Direction of Plot/Land/ House/Apartment for each Rashi.

1. EAST facing plot/House:  Mesha, Simha, Dhanus Rashi people can opt for East Facing Plot for house construction or East Facing Apartment.

2. SOUTH facing plot/House: Vrishabha, Kanya, Makara Rashi people can opt for South Facing Plot for house construction or South Facing Apartment.

3. WEST facing plot/House: Mithuna, Tula, Kumbha Rashi people can opt for West Facing Plot for house construction or West Facing Apartment.

4. NORTH facing plot/House: Karka, Vrischika, Meena Rashi people can opt for North Facing Plot for house construction or North Facing Apartment.

However it is desirable to position the Main Door of House or Apartment towards North or East since the house or Apartment will be occupied by your descendents (Children/Grand Children) also for generations.

Generally East Facing and North Facing Plot/House/Apartment are best suited for all people. Hence Care to be taken while selecting the plot considering the above reason.

Also Vedic Astrology(Real Estate) planetary combinations in horoscope indicating construction of house or building in following post on my blog.




In Vedic astrology, gemstones are recommended based on your horoscope. It is believed that by wearing prescribed gemstones you can overcome the obstacles in your life.
The great Indian Astronomer cum astrologer VARAHAMIHIRA was first to know & study of gemstone, and its effects on human beings.

The effect of Gems is basically through the energy vibrations it creates when worn in the body and also through its colour.
It has since been scientifically proved and documented the various frequencies of energy vibrations emitted by the organic Gemstones. They vary from Gems to Gems and compares well with the energy vibrations to offset the imbalance produced in the human body.

The Planets bestow benefits and also cause ill effects as are aspected in the Rashi.

No Gemstone is always good or always bad. All Gemstone has positive & negative effects. Before you wear any gemstone, one should consult any good astrologer.

As general rule, only gemstone of strongest planets (Favorable) in one’s horoscope should be used to wear. Never wear gemstone by date of birth. (Sun sign)

The following table gives brief description of Planets, gemstone & God/Goddess of planets.
Sun -----------Ruby--------------- Lord Shiva
Moon---------- Pearl -------------- Lord Shiva/Parvati/Durga Ma
Mars---------- Coral---------------Lord Subramanya/ Hanuman/Narasimha Swamy
Mercury------- Emerald----------- Vishnu/Parvati
Jupiter-------- Yellow-Sapphire -----Lord Shiva/Lord Brahma
Venus --------Diamond -------------Lakshmi/ DurgaMa
Saturn------- Blue-Sapphire --------Shani /Hanuman/Shiva
Rahu------- Gomed ----------------Lord Subramanya/Hanuman/Lord shiva
Ketu--------- Cat's eye -------------Ganesh/Bhairav

There are two types of philosophies in gemstone selection.
ANUKUL Choosing Method: A Vedic Gemstone will act "SAME" as it's planet - So gems should be chosen for Anukul (favorable) planets.
PRATIKUL Choosing Method: A Vedic Gemstone will act "OPPOSITE" of its planet - So gems should be chosen for Pratikul (unfavorable) Planets.

Anukul choosing method, in which one's auspicious (Anukul) planet(s) (exalted, moolatrikona stana, own sign, benefic, great friend, good house, owner of good house, etc.) is used for selection of gemstone, based on the concept that lucky planet = lucky gem.

Pratikul choosing method for overcoming a weak or evil planet, based on the misconception that a 'pratikul' (inauspicious) planet is strengthened by wearing it's gem and there by it changes from being inauspicious (pratikul) to become auspicious (anukul).

An anukul planet can always be strengthened, but a pratikul planet should never be strengthened.

 84% of World’s Gemologist believes in Anukul choosing method, only 16% believe in Pratikul choosing method.

Many astrologers’ suggesting gemstones for Pratikul planet, but no gemstone will act against their planets. By wearing Pratikul planet gemstone you are increasing negative power of the planet.

When choosing gemstone, astrologer adds up the pluses & minuses in one’s horoscope. & the planet which give maximum number of pluses is selected & corresponding Gemstone is recommended.

Caution : 1. Don’t Wear any Gemstone without proper verification of  your Horoscope with a good Vedic astrologer.
                 2.  Don’t Wear Gemstones according to date of birth.