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Everyone dream of Building or Buying our own Home/House/Apartment/Land/Plot/Flat within our budget in our lifetime.  It is a lifetime achievement, if we are successful in building or buying the property.

Property is a symbol of security, safety and regular income. You can get income from agricultural lands, gardens and mines and rents from houses, shops and Godowns.

Is it possible for everyone to build /buy their dream home?. Some People will be successful in building house or buying apartment of their choice without any difficulties but some struggle to buy or Build a new home.

Vedic astrology can guide you to know whether Building or Buying property is possible or not.

Your Birth chart indicates the probable period of Building or purchasing a house or land.

We can find through Vedic astrology, on the based on placement of planets in the horoscope and dasha  and Bhukti period,  one can predict whether it is favorable or unfavorable time or whether  we can own House/Apartment/Land/Plot/Flat etc.

One has to be Lucky to enjoy the fruits of property built by our ancestors or some people build or buy house or buildings through their own effort.

Let us examine Vedic Astrology planetary combinations in the Horoscope/birth chart that indicates whether you can Build or Buy your Dream Home/Apartment/Plot/Land/Flat etc.

1.      4th House in the Horoscope represents Land, House & property related matters.

2.      Mars (Bhumi Karaka) & Saturn are main significators (Karaka’s) for Real Estate, House, Apartment, Building, Land Etc.

3.      Venus Indicate finance or money required to buy or build the property.

4.      Ketu represent  Buildings.

5.      4th Divisional chart – Chaturthamsa(D-4) is also used for accessing the property related matters.

6.       In case of Makara Lagna with exalted mars in 1st  house aspecting 4th house I,e mesha (own house) or mars in 4th house in mesha (own house) indicate the person will own building or house very easily.

7.      4th lord debilitated in 3rd house aspected by Jupiter indicate the person will gain property with difficulty & he will live in small house. Also he gets property by his own efforts.

8.      For Karka Lagna, if Venus, Saturn & mercury are in 4th house, & Venus is the lord of 4th house, Venus has directional strength make it very strong & also aspect of Jupiter on 4th house indicate success in Real Estate Business & person will own huge properties.

9.      Lord of 4th house in its own sign like Jupiter in Dhanus or Meena or Saturn in Makara or Kumbha or Mars in Mesha or Vrischika indicates success in owning building and lands.

10.  Lord of 2nd house in 4th house or Lord of 4th house in 2nd house or 1st house indicate that person will own Buildings or  properties.

11.  Aspect of Jupiter, Venus & sun on 4th house is  a good Indication to own the property.

12.  Lord of 4th house in 4th house & Lagna lord also joins 4th house & aspected by benefic planet Indicate success in Real Estate.

13.  Lord of 10th house with lord of 4th house in 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th or 5th or 9th indicate success in real estate.

14.  4th lord in 10th house and 10th lord in 4th house with strong mars indicate success in real estate.

15.   If 4th lord is strong & placed in its own house or placed in 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th house & receive aspect of benefic planet then the person will own property.

16.  4th lord conjunct with 7th lord in 7th house then it indicates the person will reside in foreign country & acquire lands & wealth.

17.  4th lord in 12th house aspected by benefic  planet then person acquires old property.

Vedic Astrology planetary combinations Indicating difficulties or problems for acquiring Real Estate Properties.

1.       A weak malefic in 4th house aspected by another malefic indicates the person will not own any properties.

2.      Sun or mars in debilitated in 4th house without any benefic aspect indicate the person don’t have any property.

3.      2nd, 4th or 12th lord in 8th House conjunct with a malefic indicate loss of properties.

4.      10th lord conjunct with a malefic in 4th or 8th house without aspect of benefic indicate loss of property.

5.      In case of Makara Lagna with debilitated Saturn in 4th house indicate property is very important to such person but will not be happy related to property matters.

6.      Lord of 4th house in 6th, 8th or 12th and afflicted by malefic indicate person will suffer on account of property.

7.      Saturn debilitated as the lord of 4th house in 6th house indicate expenses from real estate or indicate debt to buy the property.

8.      4th lord debilitated in 4th house with sun indicate person will loose land by government order.

Vedic Astrology Remedies for Obstructions or Difficulties in Acquiring House/Apartment/Plot/Land

1.      Worship Lord Bhoo Varaha swamy(3rd Incarnation(Avatar) of Lord Vishnu) on Dwadashi Days. (Dwadashi is the 12th lunar day of the shukla (bright) or krishna (dark) fortnight of every lunar month as per Hindu Calendar),  wear white clothes & offer white flowers to the lord with devotion and clean heart.

       The Nakshatra of Bhoo Varahaswamy is Revathi Nakshatra, hence offer prayers on the day of Varaha Jayanthi (Revathi Nakshatra)- May 5th 2016  is very auspicious.

2.   Observe Fasting on Dwadashi Days & Offer Water to Sun God  using your palm & recite following Mantra ( 21 or 51 or 108 times)  "Om namo narayana"  is also Effective remedy to please Lord Bhoo Varaha Swamy. 

3.    Recite or Listen Varaha Sahasranama  &  Varaha Kavacham on Wednesday’s and Saturday's.
4.   Recite or Listen  Bhoo Varaha Gayatri Mantra 108 times Every day. Also Recite or listen Vishnu Sahasranama on Wednesday and Saturday's.

5.   Perform Bhoo Varaha Homa on Wednesday or Saturday’s in any Vishnu
Temple. This Homa removes ill effects or obstructions to build or buy House/property.

6.  Visit BhooVarahaswamy Temple, Kalhalli, Near Pandavapura, KR Pet Taluk, Mandya district. Karnataka, (158 K.M from Bangalore) & Install Photo of Bhoo Varahaswamy in your Pooja Room & offer prayers every day.  All your problems/obstructions related to building house or buying an Apartment will be solved.

Vedic Astrology tips regarding auspicious time to start construction of House/Home/Apartment/Building etc.

1.   Start construction of building when you are running dasha and bhukti period of Jupiter, Venus & mars only. Also Check Dasha period of your family members like wife or Husband & children since their dasha & Bhukti period also has considerable impact on construction of your home or building.

2.   Start construction of your home/house, when Jupiter is transiting in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th from your Rashi. I.e. when you have Guru Bal or Guru’s Strength(Planet Guru’s blessing is very much required for construction of your house)

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