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The Concept of Marriage is undergoing vast change in India and more number of people are choosing love marriage instead of arranged marriage.

Now-a-days, Love marriage is an accepted concept, not like in olden days, when people were afraid to exhibit their love.

A very common question arises in young people’s mind, whether they will go for love marriage or Arranged marriage? Usually I get many questions from my blog readers regarding love marriage or love affairs, so I decided to write an article on Love Marriage Astrology, which can help many young people.

Let us examine Vedic planetary combinations in birth chart that indicates love affairs/ marriage.

1. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th, 11th House are very important to predict love affairs/marriage.

2. The Lord of 5th house or Lord of 7th house should have relation with Venus, then it indicates love affairs/marriage.

3. The Lagna Lord has some relation with 5th and 7th house or its lords.

4. The Lord of 7th and 9th house in 7th house indicates love marriage.

5. Moon & Venus in 7th house indicate love affairs/Marriage

6. Jupiter & Sun, when conjunct in 5th house indicate love affairs.

7. A well placed Venus without any affliction in 5th house indicate love affairs.

8. Lord of 7th house, Jupiter with lord of 5th house, Venus in 4th house indicate love marriages.

9. Rahu & Ketu are responsible for Intercaste marriages. If Venus & Jupiter are afflicted by Saturn or Rahu, then intercaste Marriage will happen.

10. Any connection between 5th and 7th lord like mutual aspects or house exchange, then it indicates love marriage.

11. In case of love marriage, there will always be a planet in 9th house from lagna.

12. In case of love marriage, Venus will not be with sun.

13. If Rahu aspects Venus or Jupiter then it indicate love affairs.

14. If Mars & Venus are conjunct in 5th, 7th, 9th or 11th then it indicates love affairs.

15. If Mars conjunct or Aspected by Rahu or Saturn then it leads to love affairs.

16. If 7th house or its lord co-joined with Saturn or Aspected by Saturn then it indicates love affairs.

17. If mars and 7th lord are Aspected by or conjunct with Saturn, then it indicates love marriage.

18. Rahu conjunct or Aspect Mars then leads to love affairs/Flirtations

19. If 7th house, 7th lord or mars has some link with 2nd house or its lord, then marriage will happen with close relative.

20. 7th lord in 2nd house also indicate marriage with close relative.

 Still there are many more combinations leading to love affairs/marriage, I have listed few combinations because some Blog Writers/Websites copy my blog content.

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