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Nakshatra dosha due to Inauspicious Death

When a person dies on following nakshatra, as per Vedic texts, it is considered to inauspicious to other members of family.

1.   Dhanishta Nakshatra

2.   Satabhisha Nakshatra

3.   Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra

4.   Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra

5.   Revathi Nakshatra.

These Nakshatra's are also called Dhanishta Panchaka Nakshatra.

Dhanishta Panchaka  occurs when the moon’s longitude exists between 296 degrees and 360 degrees.

Dhanishta Panchaka  is made of 5 Energies.

1.   5 Elements of Nature-Water, Fire, Air, Earth & Sky.

2.   Ruling Nakshatra Constellation of the day.

3.   Lunar Phase of the day.

4.   Ruling Rashi Constellation of the day.

5.   Yoga of the day.

During Panchaka days , the elements in the universe become unbalanced and this causes an imbalance within the family structure.

  If proper Vedic rituals are not performed then, dead person will carry other family members along with him within few months.

 Hence necessary rituals need to be performed by the family of the deceased.

 The following Rituals must to be performed by family members, after 15 days.

All the members of the family must be present for the ceremony.

  1. Pitru Tarpan Pooja (Shraddha Pooja) needs to be done at home with 5 dolls  made of Darbha (Kusha Grass) & White Cotton.
Prana Prathistapana ritual (infuse life in the Dolls) ceremony of the 5 dolls needs to be performed.
After Pooja, these 5 dolls should be buried in sand or mud near River or Sea shore.

Or perform Rudrabhisheka at home & offer food to   ancestors.

This pooja needs to be done without fail, otherwise dosha will not be removed.
  1. Nakshatra Shanti pooja & Navagraha Shanti Pooja need to be done for nullifying  the affect of Dosha.
  1. Perform Mahamrityunjaya Homa/Japa  at  home  after the above pooja’s are done.

Panchaka Dates & Timings for 2014 are as follows

Starting Time
Ending Time
4 January
From 12:48
8 January
Till 20:46
31 January
From 23:48
5 February
Till 04:28
28 February
From 10:53
4 March
Till 14:12
27 March
From 19:54
1 April
Till 24:27
24 April
From 02:23
28 April
Till 09:22
21 May
From 07:45
25 May
Till 16:14
17 June
From 14:06
21 June
Till 21:44
14 July
From 22:40
19 July
Till 03:32
11 August
From 09:06
15 August
Till 11:05
7 September
From 19:53
11 September
Till 20:42
5 October
From 05:14
9 October
Till 07:16
1 November
From 12:08
5 November
Till 16:57
28 November
From 17:30
2 December
Till 24:23
25 December
From 23:49
30 December
Till 05:56

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