Thursday, 23 August 2012

Remedies for Jupiter

Remedies for Jupiter :-


1. Pray to Lord Shiva Everyday.

2. Pray to any guru like Saibaba, Shri Raghavendra Swamy, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swamy Vivekananda etc.

4. Do Pradosha Pooja Every month, Most Powerful remedy for Jupiter Transit.

5. Donate yellow grams & yellow cloth to a temple priest of Shiva Temple.

6. Donate Milk to Shiva Temple on Every Monday’s.

7. Visit Lord Shiva Temple on Monday’s and Saturday’s without fail.

8. Recite ‘OM BRHUM BRUHASPATIYE NAMAHA’  21 or 51 or 101 times. Or   any Guru mantra.

9. Wear Five Faced Rudraksha.

10. Wear a yellow sapphire Gemstone duly studded in a golden ring and wear the same on your Index finger, after verification of your birth chart by Good Vedic astrologer. Don’t wear gemstone by date of birth.
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