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In Vedic astrology, gemstones are recommended based on your horoscope. It is believed that by wearing prescribed gemstones you can overcome the obstacles in your life.
The great Indian Astronomer cum astrologer VARAHAMIHIRA was first to know & study of gemstone, and its effects on human beings.

The effect of Gems is basically through the energy vibrations it creates when worn in the body and also through its colour.
It has since been scientifically proved and documented the various frequencies of energy vibrations emitted by the organic Gemstones. They vary from Gems to Gems and compares well with the energy vibrations to offset the imbalance produced in the human body.

The Planets bestow benefits and also cause ill effects as are aspected in the Rashi.

No Gemstone is always good or always bad. All Gemstone has positive & negative effects. Before you wear any gemstone, one should consult any good astrologer.

As general rule, only gemstone of strongest planets (Favorable) in one’s horoscope should be used to wear. Never wear gemstone by date of birth. (Sun sign)

The following table gives brief description of Planets, gemstone & God/Goddess of planets.
Sun -----------Ruby--------------- Lord Shiva
Moon---------- Pearl -------------- Lord Shiva/Parvati/Durga Ma
Mars---------- Coral---------------Lord Subramanya/ Hanuman/Narasimha Swamy
Mercury------- Emerald----------- Vishnu/Parvati
Jupiter-------- Yellow-Sapphire -----Lord Shiva/Lord Brahma
Venus --------Diamond -------------Lakshmi/ DurgaMa
Saturn------- Blue-Sapphire --------Shani /Hanuman/Shiva
Rahu------- Gomed ----------------Lord Subramanya/Hanuman/Lord shiva
Ketu--------- Cat's eye -------------Ganesh/Bhairav

There are two types of philosophies in gemstone selection.
ANUKUL Choosing Method: A Vedic Gemstone will act "SAME" as it's planet - So gems should be chosen for Anukul (favorable) planets.
PRATIKUL Choosing Method: A Vedic Gemstone will act "OPPOSITE" of its planet - So gems should be chosen for Pratikul (unfavorable) Planets.

Anukul choosing method, in which one's auspicious (Anukul) planet(s) (exalted, moolatrikona stana, own sign, benefic, great friend, good house, owner of good house, etc.) is used for selection of gemstone, based on the concept that lucky planet = lucky gem.

Pratikul choosing method for overcoming a weak or evil planet, based on the misconception that a 'pratikul' (inauspicious) planet is strengthened by wearing it's gem and there by it changes from being inauspicious (pratikul) to become auspicious (anukul).

An anukul planet can always be strengthened, but a pratikul planet should never be strengthened.

 84% of World’s Gemologist believes in Anukul choosing method, only 16% believe in Pratikul choosing method.

Many astrologers’ suggesting gemstones for Pratikul planet, but no gemstone will act against their planets. By wearing Pratikul planet gemstone you are increasing negative power of the planet.

When choosing gemstone, astrologer adds up the pluses & minuses in one’s horoscope. & the planet which give maximum number of pluses is selected & corresponding Gemstone is recommended.

Caution : 1. Don’t Wear any Gemstone without proper verification of  your Horoscope with a good Vedic astrologer.
                 2.  Don’t Wear Gemstones according to date of birth.

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